Code 8 Driving Lessons

Tailored lessons designed for beginners and individuals seeking to enhance their driving skills. Ideal for mastering the art of driving cars and small vehicles, ensuring you navigate roads confidently and safely.

Code 10 Driving Lessons

Comprehensive training tailored for those aiming to drive medium-sized vehicles, including trucks and minibusses. Our expert instructors provide in-depth guidance to prepare you for the challenges of handling larger vehicles on the road.

Code 14 Driving Lessons

Specialized lessons specifically crafted for individuals aspiring to drive heavy vehicles such as articulated trucks and buses. Our comprehensive training equips you with the skills needed to operate these vehicles safely and responsibly.

Professional Driving Permit (PDP) Training

Expert preparation for the Professional Driving Permit exam, guided by our experienced instructors. We focus on honing your skills and knowledge to meet the requirements of commercial driving, ensuring you are well-prepared for the PDP exam.

Additional Services

Practical Driver Risk Assessment (PDRA)

An in-depth evaluation of your driving skills, providing personalized feedback to enhance your safety on the road. Our PDRA helps you identify areas of improvement, empowering you to become a more confident and aware driver.

Defensive Driving Courses

Advanced training designed to elevate your hazard recognition, decision-making, and overall driving proficiency. Our defensive driving courses focus on real-world scenarios, equipping you with the skills to handle unexpected situations with confidence and precision.

At Simba Driving School, our services go beyond the ordinary. We are committed to providing specialized training that not only prepares you for exams but also ensures you are well-equipped to navigate any driving challenges that come your way. Join us and experience driving education at its finest.